About Us

Thomas V. Jones:

TV Jones was later founded in 1993 and was more of a custom guitar/repair shop rather than pickup manufacturer then. Fast forward to 1998 when Brian Setzer chose Tom’s Hot Rod pickup design in a blind test for the new Gretsch Hot Rod guitar line.  That moment launched TV Jones, Inc. into a lively relationship with Fender and Gretsch Guitars. As time went on, he became more obsessed with finding the perfect tone and creating the best personality possible for each guitar he designed and consulted on. Tom’s expertise and passion for guitar pickups soon earned him the trust and admiration of many leading guitar players.

​TV Jones Inc. continues to be a recognized leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative, high quality guitar pickups. We live by our original mission: To provide each customer with the finest guitars and pickups possible.

Photo by Emily Jones